Matthijs as a scrum master

As an agile professional I focus on short feedback loops on product, attitude and behavior to create a continuous trust-based learning process for the team, individual and environment. As a former professional software developer and current software hobbyist I understand how good practices (regarding code, quality, testing, automation, monitoring, continuous integration, continuous deployment) in IT can help speed up a software development team. I am an energetic creative optimist that is driven by growing as a team and as a person.

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What I've shared as a scrum master

Some things I've shared publicly as a scrum master over time.

The See, Feel, Do retrospective

A retrospective format I dubbed "See, Feel, Do" and how I applied it for a traumatic event heavily affecting the teams.

Read about "The See, Feel, Do retrospective" on LinkedIn

Matthijs' scrum master knowledge base

A mini search engine in order to keep the best articles regarding agile practices at hand. Curated by yours truly, available for the world to see.

Matthijs' scrum master knowledge base

My 2020 personal development kanban

Continuous learning is a mindset. Below you can find a kanban board representing my current learning goals and their status.

To do
Reading "Overcoming the 5 dysfunctions of a team" by Patrick Lencioni PSPO-II certification PSM-III certification
Reading "Drive" by Daniel Pink
Read "The professional product owner" By McGreal & Jocham


Continuous learning is a tremendous drive. Below are some certificates I've gathered during my quest of self-improvement.